Oosteroever is an architecturally very lively site. There are different building shapes, and interesting material combinations set in a delicate framing of the green garden.
    Admiral's volume is not large, but it has a very unique location.
    These two facts led us to the idea of seeing this building as a delicate jewel at the front of the site.
    We worked with the great views that the building will be offering but at the same time, we aimed to create a robust building.
    A building that can combine the feeling of privacy and protection from the sea breeze. This designed with elegance and refinement in mind.
    We looked for inspiration in the setting of a faceted diamond in a gold ring. Like cutting a diamond, we formed the terraces from the building block with diagonal lines.
    The merging of the partition walls and ceilings reminded us of the facets of a processed gemstone.
    As a material, we have chosen ceramic natural stone with a subtle texture that combines high-performance technical features with class, timelessness, and sustainability.
    The light, warm color palette provides a seamless connection with the surrounding dunes ,and the detailing includes gold-colored exterior joinery and decorative moldings to emphasize the elegance of the entire building.
    The railing on the seaside is completely made of glass to achieve maximum visibility and protection against the wind in a minimalist manner. The aluminum railing along the garden then manifests a small-scale character and intimate atmosphere.

    Simplicity, noble materials, colors, textures, and stunning views make Admiral the pearl of the Oosteroever building site.

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    project nameAdmiral
    statusunder construction
    size8.000 m2
    clientGroep Versluys