our vision

Our Why: Designing Positive Impact

The world is rapidly changing in countless ways, and the need for sustainable, socially responsible, and collaborative architecture has never been greater.

We embrace the power of multidisciplinary teams, cross-innovation, and a holistic 360° approach, enabling us to design with impact. With diverse expertise and a collaborative spirit, our team tackles projects of all sizes, exceeding internal limitations. This allows us to deliver impactful solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project.

No matter how large or small, each intervention in the built environment presents an opportunity to enhance the quality of life for inhabitants, their surroundings, and the planet.


Our How: Human Touch

What sets us apart? We encourage collaboration and share knowledge across our projects through respectful, open, and transparent communication. By seamlessly blending human skills and technology, we empower them to deliver authentic experiences that retain a genuine human touch.

With diverse expertise and a collaborative spirit, our team tackles projects of all sizes, exceeding internal limitations. This allows us to deliver impactful solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project.


Our What: Carbon Neutral Design

Through exploration, design, and evaluation, we unlock sustainable solutions that optimize environmental impact, providing clear roadmaps for achieving carbon neutrality and key performance indicators.

Hand-in-hand with our clients and stakeholders, we strive to build adaptable workflows and empower teams skilled and resourceful enough to navigate the complexities of achieving these goals. This commitment extends beyond individual projects. We believe in taking action, fostering collaboration, and sharing knowledge, which is why we became and remain active founding members of Architects Declare and Madaster in Belgium.


Our Mission: Livable Lovable Projects

Our mission is to design livable, lovable spaces that nurture daily life. Livable reflects our focus on environmental well-being and lovable speaks to the social connections fostered within. We empower our client to strive for inclusive design across technical, societal, and cultural aspects. A continuous challenge, yet energizing and deeply satisfying when brought to life together.



Architects Memorandum 2024
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BLT Built Design Awards 2023
Category Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable and Energy Saving
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Res Awards 2023
Category Commercial real estate

Belgian Construction
Awards 2022
Category Climate Future Construction Project Award
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Circubuild Award 2022
Category Circubuild-award
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Publica Award 2020
Category Architecture & Heritage

Dvda Award 2019
Category The most beautiful
building in Zeeland
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Bim Challenge 2019
Category BIM with
buildingdata extraction

Bim Awards 2018
Multi, Brussels
Category Industrial, tertiary
or residential projects
link to the website

Iconic Award Innovative
Kreon, Opglabbeek
Category Innovative architecture

Be.Exemplary 2017
MULTI, Brussels
Certified Be.Exemplary 2017

Bim Challenge 2017
O'Sea, Ostend and
London Tower, Antwerp

Luminus Environment and
Energy award 2017
Oxygen Office Building, Brussels
Selected for the short list

Laureate of work for innovation
Christine Conix 2016
Gold symbol of honour

BATEX Label 2013
Oxygen Office Building, Brussels
Certified BATEX

I2C Award 2012
Zoniën Residential care center, Tervuren
Category Concept

Wan Interior Design Awards 2011
Selected for the final long list (in collaboration with Unifor)

I²C AWARD, 2010
Meerminne Residential care center, Mortsel
Category Concept







Zeeland, NL


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junior stagiair
Ben jij die stagiair architect die kwaliteit, teamwerk en technologie nastreeft? Ben je pas afgestudeerd als architect en ben je op zoek naar jouw eerste stage ervaring in de architectuur? Voor pas afgestudeerde architecten, of maximum 1 jaar stage, hebben wij 2 à 3 plaatsen vrij.

Wij sluiten graag een ‘pact’ met onze medewerkers om samen onze toekomst vorm te geven. Ons kantoor is al decennialang gefocust op evolutie en ervaring en dit met de spirit van een ‘startup’.

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