Bank Van Breda

    On this site one finds the former Goods Station South, a building that fell into disuse during the 1960s. In its heyday it was the epicenter of transport for people and goods. When the southern dockyard reached its maximum capacity, harbor activities moved to the northern docks and the station thereafter became derelict. In 1998 the station was declared a na­tional monument for its rich maritime and industrial archeological value. When Conix Architects visited the building for the first time they realized that it possessed a rich and layered history and appointed themselves as guardians who had to clear the cobwebs of time, in an effort to restore the building to its former glory. Along with upgrading the site and the building, Conix Architects also had to design new offices. The renovated station building and the new offices became the headquarters of Bank J. Van Breda & C°.

    project nameBank Van Breda
    categoryOffice, Renovation, Interior
    size12.500 m²
    clientBank J.Van Breda & C°