Belgian European Pavilion

    On the first of May 2010, the new Universal Exposition started in Shanghai. China expects 70 million visitors at the Expo 2010 with the theme “Better City, Better Life”. Belgium is also present at this universal exposition with a pavilion with a surface of about 5.600 m², constructed in an area dedicated to European pavilions.
    Constructing a Belgian pavilion for a Universal Exposition in Shanghai forced us to adopt a different approach. The Chinese culture, which radically differs from ours, the scale and density of Shanghai are not comparable to the European context. The context of the project asked for a specific approach to present Belgium and Europe and to arouse the interest of the visitors to the Expo for our culture, our creativity, our talent and our companies, all situated in a very different context.

    project nameBelgian European Pavilion
    categoryCulture, Interior
    size5600 m²
    clientBelgian Commissioner-General Expo 2010, EU, Buildings Agency