Casa Conix

    Walking our talking we decided to move our offices to a ground level space to be an “active plint” ourselves and as we were building our Multi project in Brussels it had to be another exemplary circular design.

    In the iconic AWW building a decade ago rebranded tot WAW building we had the opportunity to take over the former gallery space of Maurice Verbaet.  The only material that we removed from this place are the gypsum boards which were reused at the recycling plant of a plasterboard facility in Antwerp.  All the other materials and stuff we simply kept on using.  All materials and stuff brought to the space are sourced in other buildings such as the university of Antwerp, ING Zandkasteel HQ in Amsterdam, old Netflow offices and off course all our other old office sites.  The few “new” materials are recycled materials such as the acoustic fabrics to create a state of the art acoustical environment for our studios or the Junoo walls who are a circular product.  We didn’t use chemicals “no glue no paint” everthing has been fixed mechanical and demountable.  Even our plants have been sourced from colleagues homes and other companies who didn’t want the anymore.

    Our work and social spaces have different characters from public over collective private to private.  Our lunch room is also a public restaurant “La Mensa” going from one studio to the other we cross the collective private space and our event space.  All this to encourage meeting and (e)motion.  Honestly in the beginning we had many doubting and critical users, today we receive a lot of requests to use the spaces, they facilitate debates and now have even a piano player using our Casa CONIX to rehearse on her “grand piano”

    Come and visite us you are welcome !

    project nameCasa Conix
    categoryOffice, Renovation, Interior
    clientCONIX RDBM Architects NV