Europese School

    Not far from Brussels, one finds some run-down buildings, in dire need of renovation. The existing structures form a cohesive entity with an impressive character, embedded in its urban surroundings as an important landmark.

    For the purposes of this competition, CONIX RDBM Architects wanted to find a more suitable and manageable concept. Bearing the future users in mind, they encapsulated what people understand by the concept of ‘identity’ or more specifically, European identity. The conclusion was that the strength of Europe’s identity lies in its variety. Socio-cultural differences generate fascinating tensions between people and where they live. CONIX RDBM Architects focused on specific parameters such as language and cultural diversity. Conscious of romanticizing this concept of diversity, they looked into different ways of designing spaces and buildings which would generate the ability to accommodate and support cultural variety.

    project name4th European School
    size57.000 m²
    clientRegie der Gebouwen