Hendrik Conscience Building

    The Hendrik Conscience building is located in Brussels, near the Sint-Joost-ten-Node neighbourhood. The original building, designed by Jaspers-Eyers, was completed in 1998. Today, it is home to the Education and Administration services of the Flemish government and is the property of AXA Real Estate. CONIX RDBM Architects is performing a complete renovation that promises to give the building an entirely new look. Our focus is on ensuring the building embraces its environment and serves as a guarantee of openness and transparency that symbolises the working of a modern-day governmental building. We are achieving this  openness by means of a new, transparent and low-threshold main entrance that also functions as a semi-public meeting place while inviting visitors to enter the building.


    On the outside, the entry is being architecturally emphasised by a funnel shape rendered in a striking colour. This helps in making its role clear to everyone; more than ever before, visitors are able to experience the entry hall as pleasant meeting space that closely connects with the outdoor patio, is bathed in daylight and that, thanks to the new design, is more attractive and accessible.

    The entry is being moved and an imposing awning is being built. The main entry is to be found between the two towers and lies in the extension of the existing outdoor patio. It is going to increase the visibility from the walking passage running from outside to inside the building. The entry hall is being fitted with dome lighting through which natural sunlight can come flooding in. The new access way is also broader and therefore clearer, with a greater capacity for receiving visitors. This is necessary seeing the number of building occupants is set to increase.

    project nameHendrik Conscience Building
    categoryOffice, Interior
    size41.000 m²
    clientAxa Real Estate