De Blauwen Oijvaert is the historic name of the brewery that once stood here. The two stately town houses on the Brusselsestraat have been renovated, with respect for their historical significance and character, to accommodate nine apartments and two commercial spaces. At the rear, in a new courtyard, a new building with an additional nine apartments has been constructed. This lies on the banks of the newly opened and exposed Dyle river.

    The site is part of the inner-city Hertogensite development. The land itself has its address on the Brusselsestraat; in the future, it will be extended to the eastern borders of the exposed Dyle river. The three buildings have been organised around a communal courtyard. The positioning and the facades of the two buildings with heritage value—the town house on the corner (number 79) and the broad terraced house (number 77)—have been kept. Only the facade of the broad house could be kept; the existing structure has been completely renovated. As much as possible of the corner town house’s two facades has been kept, with the exception of the corner on the rear wall. Two indoor roof terraces have been provided for the corner town house. Between these two historical buildings, a new construction has been erected in contrasting material. It connects the two sites, with a passage below leading to the rear courtyard. The ground floor has been designed to host a commercial space and an office. To the south of the central square, a new building, with a modern design, consists of four floors and a pitched roof.

    project nameHertogensite
    categoryOffice, Renovation
    size2.477 m²
    clientResiterra n.v