CONIX RDBM Architects has successfully realised a modern campus with a contemporary atmosphere that suits the environment. Exceptional design and intelligent use of volume has reduced the height to two storeys.

    The two wings are linked to each other by two ‘bridges’. They have created a covered play area, which has its own character. This space is the heart of the campus, serving as a kind of central town square. The cafeteria is centrally located on campus and also serves as a multi-use hall, with attention paid to the residential qualities for students. The interior is open and kept playful with particular attention for transparency throughout the building: there are plenty of possibilities for contact between students from all different courses. By working with glass and spacious hallways, kOsh has ensured great visual interaction.

    There are numerous study rooms on the upper floors. The hallways provide adequate space to allow every student to have their own locker in the vicinity of their classroom.

    The new kOsh Campus in Herentals is a textbook example of a sustainable and environmentally friendly campus: geo-thermal climate control, energy-efficient (free) cooling, CO2-triggered ventilation, LED lighting, automatic blinds and a high level of thermic insulation in the outer shell of the building. This is the only school building in Flanders to have a geo-thermal climate control. A short-term parking and drop-off zone will be built on the Lierseweg side of the school. 

    project namekOsh
    size9.725 m²
    clientDBFM Scholen van Morgen NV