Park View

    Nestled in a former clay pit in Boom, just south of Antwerp, Park View emerges as a vibrant newly built urban project. The remnants of the clay pit are now filled by a layer of parking beneath a lively public space, seamlessly integrated within the surrounding buildings.

    This harmoniously defined space, surrounded by a diverse array of buildings, radiates with a strong welcoming identity, a testament to its thoughtfully balanced mix of functions that facilitate working, living, and social interactions within a green environment.

    The development offers a diverse range of 75 residential units, each thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of preferences. From traditional-style apartments to loft-like living spaces, Park View provides options to suit different lifestyles. Additionally, a supermarket, a charming brasserie, and a pedestrian bridge linking the site to the city center of Boom enhance the project's appeal.

    The project seamlessly blends into three distinct areas, each with its unique character. One side connects smoothly to the rowhouses, another side expands by a larger-scale supermarket onto the connecting road, and finally, the development opens up to a city park, inviting residents and guests to enjoy its tranquility and greenery.

    The grand park extends into the development by wrapping around a stylish urban villa featuring luxurious apartments. This architectural gem with exceptionally different materialization serves as a stunning visual centerpiece, highlighting the site's remarkable transformation from a formal claypit to a new urban village within the city of Boom.

    Park View represents a harmonious blend of urban living, nature, and community. It offers residents and guests a unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, enjoying the convenience and vibrancy of a modern city while also being surrounded by lush greenery and a sense of community.

    project namePark View
    categoryResidential, Masterplan, BIM
    statusunder construction
    size12.930 m²