The project can be divided into three entities:
    The ground floor consists of an exposition room, intended for renting and an office space for usage by the contractor. As Rue du Pépin is located in a narrow street, in the concept of the project transparency was opted for regarding the ground floor, in order to create a broadening and see-through effect. The hallway serves both as the entrance to the apartments as well as the occasional expansion of the exposition room.
    The upper levels consist of three or four apartments with two to four bedrooms. This consistent unit is distinctly articulated with respect to the total project in the composition. The façade intends to express a simple and recognizable image by using mainly copper and glass.
    The two upper floors are reserved for the contractor’s private apartment. This duplex offers a magnificent view on the city lying below. The mainly glazed façade has hanging gardens and a closed volume for the contractor’s office/studio.

    project namePepin
    categoryCulture, Office, Residential
    size4.290 m²
    clientGuillaume Kervyn and Lucas Boels