RCC Ter Meeren

    Experience this new care home, embracing bright and luminous spaces for everyone. A warm welcome leads you into the private areas of the living groups. Spaces are based on the principles of inclusive design and dementia-friendly choices.

    They consists thoughtful considerations for light, acoustics, recognizability, and colors. The application of Light Reflection Values, is a design tool that has guided us through the process. This enhances both independence and coziness, creating a safe home environment for the residents.

    The natural environment creates an agreeable and relaxed atmosphere, and the thoughtful acoustic solutions will stimulate calmness. Interior elements are carefully chosen to enhance recognizability, making residents feel comfortable. Contrasts and colors are used as warming and characterizing elements, creating a stimulating and optimistic environment.

    Every aspect of the design is aimed to encourage autonomy, with functional spaces having a refreshing and inviting appearance. The sense of security and healing aspects are woven into every space, making residents feel supported and comfortable.

    The brasserie is a vibrant area and accessible to everyone, including residents and people from the surrounding area. It's designed to have a dynamic experience featuring various cozy seating areas. The combination of finishes from different types of wood, exclusive glossy wall tiles, and different textures creates a unique impression. A vintage photograph creates an eye-catching centerpiece with a nostalgic touch.

    A residential care center that combines functionality with a sensitive source of well-being for the nursing staff, residents and neighbors. A project close to our hearts, where people love to live.

    project nameRCC Ter Meeren
    categoryHealthcare, Interior
    size4.620 m²