St. -Elisabeth Residential Care Center

    The project includes the construction of a new residential nursing facility for the elderly. The convent building that is already on the site, a heritage-listed monument, will be kept and honoured through the new construction. This residential nursing facility will feature 92 different living units spread across three different storeys. It has been conceptualised using a small-scale approach that accommodates residents in somewhat separate groups of 7 or 8 residents.

    The project is being financed by the local council and the OCMW, supported by VIPA subsidies.

    From studies, it appears the existing infrastructure—a convent—is not suitable for renovation into a residential nursing facility that would meet the new requirements of VIPA. Furthermore, it does not appear to be to be either architecturally or financially viable to renovate it into serviced flats. The convent is heritage-listed and has been kept, with new construction designed to honour the existing building.

    project nameSt. -Elisabeth Residential Care Center
    categoryHealthcare, Interior, BIM


    year2020 - 2022
    size6.250 m²
    clientZorgbedrijf Rivierenland