Brussels is often regarded as an interesting melting pot of cultures, languages and people. By accommodating more or less 74.000 students, it’s the largest student city in Belgium. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel aims at efficient services and has the ambition to occupy a leading role in the development of a sustainable, ecological and high-quality future minded campus. This new campus entails a compact cluster of buildings with a variety of functions located alongside the Triomflaan, reinforcing the inherent qualities of the transparent and green campus. The newly built complex comprises 650 student rooms, new auditoria, a council room and cultural infrastructure containing among others a concert hall, a cultural café and an exposition room.

    The combination of education, research, culture, living and working will create an integral campus boosting the university’s identity and unity. The green and easy accessible campus is the starting point for CONIX RDBM global vision. The current student accommodation, nowadays combined all together in one central student village, is no longer adjusted to today’s standards. It will be omitted in favour of a green landscape on site.

    The new student accommodation is an elongated volume located alongside the campus’ boarder at the Triomflaan. Its position reinforces the urbanity of the campus while at the same protecting the green heart of the campus. However the transparency towards the city remains preserved at all times by the buildings intriguing volumes and the fact the green boulevard runs throughout the campus.

    project nameVUB
    categoryEducation, BIM
    size32.100 m²