CONIX RDBM Architects moving forward

Realizing contextual innovative architecture with high experiential value and thus having a positive impact on our environment: it is still our passion. For several years now we are also doing this in Amsterdam, where we are now building the foundations of The Ensemble (in association with Van Belle & Medina), the most sustainable large-scale building project currently under construction. Because we consider proximity and participation as important values, we have now also opened an office in Amsterdam in the Startwell building where many other innovative startup and scale-up companies are located in a place full of ambition.

We are also pleased to announce that the construction of Stack on the Müllerpier Rotterdam has started. And after having held an office in the Groothandelsgebouw for 10 years, we decided to start co-working on a location where we are also involved in a large-scale redevelopment. From now on we share a spacious architect’s studio / art gallery with Convexarchitects, a team specialized in logistics real estate that has recently become a sister company of CONIX RDBM Architects.

In Antwerp, CASA CONIX has become a vibrant place where we organize internal and external workshops and have started a participatory design process with the neighborhood to improve the public square in front of our building. In addition, the construction of the Century Center / Pelican project next to the Central Station is in full swing.

Our circular Multi project in Brussels generates a lot of interest and recognition, which we fully enjoy. We are currently studying several new projects in Brussels and are also working on the second half of Osea Ostend and our international projects.

Now that we operate from four fantastic metropolises, we leave our office space in Terneuzen and provide co-working spaces for colleagues who live in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, so that we keep up with the times. Finally we are also very pleased that the Dutch Council of State has just given us the green light to effectively start the construction of Waterzande near Hulst.

Oh yeah! Jorden and Frederik are available at the MIPIM in Cannes to catch up :-)!

Our new addresses:
Laarderhoogtweg 18, Amsterdam
Piekstraat 31, Rotterdam