'Fidea is a team of 320 enthusiastic IT specialists, marketers, and insurance advisors who moved to the dynamic urban environment near Antwerp Central Station. Fidea focuses on collaboration and actively involved its employees in the office design concept, as well as the facilities. This involvement led to enthusiasm and action, with the CEO’s quote 'within a month after the inauguration, the KPIs were significantly higher than before the move.'

    The double-height entrance hall immediately creates a warm atmosphere through the use of wooden slats, artistic lamps, and thoughtful details. The space exudes openness, with its large glass panels allowing abundant natural light, overlooking the informal waiting area, Bringme box, and restaurant. The combination of greenery, wood, soft color tones, along with refined details, not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to a pleasant and welcoming reception.

    The training room is located on the floor above the entrance and is intended for both internal and external use. The wooden slats filter the daylight and ensure privacy while maintaining a strong connection with the entrance hall.

    The concept of connection is central, with the office floor transitioning from a concentrated work environment to a dynamic one. Central to this dynamic environment is the 'living room' of the floor, bathed in abundant daylight with a beautiful view. The living room is personalized for the departments on the various floors and provides space for informal meetings, discussions, stand-up meetings, and presentations. In the adjacent enclosed kitchenette and copying area, one can comfortably take coffee and print without disturbing the work environment. The serene and comfortable work environment is supported by acoustically integrated solutions and division into enclosed workspaces for two people. The balanced color palette, glass walls, use of wood, and soothing alignment in the design emphasize the openness and transparency of collaboration.

    The restaurant is the gathering place that brings people together and enhances team dynamics. The variety of furniture and spaces gives employees and guests a choice for a preferred spot that suits their needs. Being seen and seeing others in an open ambiance, where the spatial experience is enhanced by the narrow patio. This allows daylight in, creating plays of light and shadow over the white wall with integrated wall planting.

    The larger meeting rooms have their own zone in the restaurant and are located close to the family table and catering to provide maximum convenience. The technical aspect of the project ensures seamless integration of various functions, with visible techniques and a recognizable repetition of the wooden slats.

    The attention to detail, combination of different materials and textures offer a diversity of experiences and a unique experience for Fidea's employees and guests. The wood brings a warm atmosphere to every space and is carefully designed with attention to comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

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    project nameFidea Ensurance
    categoryOffices, Housing advice, Hospitality, Interior
    size6.000 m²
    clientFidea N.V.