Sea from space

Sea from Space

The inspiration for our vision lay in the vastness of the sea as seen from space - a breathtaking blue oasis that evoked serenity and wonder.

The goal was to create an environment that seamlessly merged the beauty of the sea with the efficiency of a natural workplace.

Transitioning from silent zones to vibrant ones, we delved into how colors affect people's moods. Inspired by the ocean's tranquility and the vastness of the sky, we crafted a palette that shifts smoothly from muted tones to lively hues. This gradient reflects the deep calm of the sea merging with the boundless sky.

The secret lies in the careful selection of materials, such as the nuanced floor finish and the use of wood. As you traverse the space, your fingertips trace the grain of the wooden surfaces and the textured floor finish, a tactile reminder of the raw beauty of the natural world.

Sunlight, filtered through the wooden slats, casting a warm and inviting glow. The dance of light and shadow creates a dynamic effect that evolves throughout the day, transforming the space into a living canvas.

A warm welcome is created by a bright, double-height environment with a color palette of wood tones and beautiful contrasts. The various views lead you to different locations.

The addition of a natural light patio, with carefully placed green vertical elements enhances this lunch space, offering a haven of inner peace within the urban buzz.

All these various integrations of natural elements enhance the atmosphere and well-being, cultivating an environment perfectly suited for collaboration.

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Written by the interior team