Designing from 1 mm to 1 km

Designing from 1 mm to 1 km

It takes a village to raise a child and you could say just the same about designing and constructing our projects.

We believe in multi layered approach and having different experts on board to be able to cover wide range of performances and scales. Our team members operate in disciplines like urbanism, landscape design, architecture, construction, BIM, interior, graphic design, concept design, data analysis, regulations advice, housing advice … and more.

By regularly exchanging diverse perspectives to projects, we uncover new questions and solutions, constantly learning from each other. Witnessing a multitude of approaches to similar challenges broadens our horizons and stimulates our creative thinking.

It’s fascinating to see the projects materialize within the office, unfolding layer by layer with each collaboration and creative spark.

The village is calling - are you ready to join us and embark on the extraordinary journey of building something bigger than ourselves?

Dive into a few inspiring examples:

Umicore in Hoboken (2009)

Ranging from masterplanning, landscaping and maintanance of industrial site to design of the eyecatching office building, it’s interior and signalisation.This unique architectural solution not only integrates seamlessly into its context but also creates a complete immersive environment, fostering daily life and vibrant events in perfect harmony.

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Arresthuis (2021)

Designing a prison isn't just about security; it's like crafting a microcosm of a city, with its own unique set of rules. We weren't interested in a sterile box, but a safe and secure environment that was also easy on the senses.

A calming atmosphere, visually and acoustically pleasing, to foster rehabilitation and a successful return to society.

Every step, from the prison's place in the urban landscape to the details of the cells and common areas, was planned with a team of experts. We weren't just building a prison; we were building a bridge back to a better life.

Lifestyle hotels in Hoofddorp (2024)

In the hustle of our world, especially so close to Schiphol Airport, escape is a true luxury. We believe in crafting seamless and memorable guest experiences.

These two hotels were designed to function as urban retreats for young professionals, where every detail whispers "welcome, and now just relax."

From carefully thinking about movement of the quests through the building to the quality of the finishes, this is the art of hospitality – a symphony of design, branding, and comfort, orchestrated for a perfect stay.

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Written by Petra Ross, Project architect CONIX RDBM Architects