Discovering the space behind the walls

Discovering the space behind the walls

I’m curious. I love travelling, discovering new cultures and spaces. It gives me the possibility to see my city, my projects and the people I interact with from a different perspective. And I am sure that I’m not the only one, right? Working in building industry is actually a lot about travelling. It’s about travelling to the future. It’s about daydreaming together as a team and assembling that one big puzzle.

Imagine that you enter the city of Antwerp for the first time and you start to wander around. You see many shops, pretty buildings and besides grabbing a beer with fries you are outside a lot. Just envision how gorgeous would it be to have a look behind all the façade walls or have a look at the city from the top..
As architects we use a great tool which enables us to look inside and behind the walls.

Of course I mean section. It’s our favorite way to provide a lot of information about the projects at once. What is the relationship between the outdoor space and the more intimate interior? What are the different spaces used for and is there something under the ground? How is the performance and transparency of the façade? …
And now imagine if you could visit a breathtaking place which is not only a landmark for the tourists but where also the locals regularly meet. Building where you feel instantly welcome, where you could learn a little bit about history of the area, get inspired by the vibrant art pieces, visit a secret bar in the basement and later on admire the panoramic views while having a lunch next to people who work and live here.

This is our vision for the KBC tower. Valuable historical landmark which has already a steady place in the hearts and minds of people of Antwerp. Immersive tower which is going to attract both locals and international tourist walking from the Central station towards the river. Livable lovable place where memory meets the future. The new-old place to be.

Written by Petra Ross, Project architect CONIX RDBM Architects